Yahweh my Shepherd : Pastor Haimovici

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pastor Haimovici

The cold, dark prison cell was crowded with Romanian Christians who were determined to bring the light of Jesus into the darkness. One of these prisoners was a Jewish believer named Milan Haimovici.
    One day, Milan began a discussion with another cell mate who was a great scientist but a godless man. Milan was not of the same intellectual and cultural level as this professor, but he told him about Jesus. The professor scorned him, “You are such a liar. Jesus lived two thousand years ago. How can you say that you walk and talk with him?”
Milan replied, “It is true that he died two thousand years ago, but he is also resurrected and is living even now.”
    Then the professor challenged Milan, “Well, you say that he talks with you. What is the expression on his face?”
    Milan answered, “Sometimes he smiles at me.”
    “Such a lie,” the professor laughed. “Show me how he smiles.” Milan graciously conceded. He was shorn and only skin and bones, with dark circles around his eyes. He was missing teeth and was wearing a prisoner’s uniform, but such a beautiful smile appeared on his lips. His dirty face shone. There was so much peace, so much contentment, and so much joy on his face.
    The godless professor bowed his head and admitted, “Sir, you have seen Jesus.”

Stories like this and many other's can help us to regain the much need faith in God our Savior and creator. God didn't make man to be 'sinner's' he made men to be faithful to him and bring him Glory.

How can we re-enact Pastor Haimovici's faith and endurance? 

By telling other's about Jesus!