Yahweh my Shepherd : The LORD thy GOD

Friday, May 15, 2015

The LORD thy GOD

Praise God in the Highest Heavens! 

Who is the LORD? 

The LORD GOD is the one who reigns forever, from generation to generation. We look to the LORD for all things, in this we can conclude that GOD is over all and through all. 

In Heaven who will be there for us?

Questions like these often arise in our minds, we ask ourselves who will we know in Heaven and will we be known, there is no simple answer in fact the only answer can only come from Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and The Heavenly Father who are one and have been one forever.

Will we have Family and Friends that don't make it?

We often think about Friends and Family, but do we ask ourselves if they will make it to Heaven or not? Just a large question can again only be answered by God Almighty.

 For the Lord will not reject anyone forever Lamen 3:31

How can we make sure we are saved from Eternal Damnation?

Me and people like me are so deserving of Hell it's not even funny, from the things we say to to things we do we can only be sure we are saved if we call on the name of the LORD.

For all who call on the name of the LORD will be saved  Romans 10:13